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February events in Rome.

Dear Lovelies ,
It's February already and Winter is finally coming to an end! Here are the news and events in Rome for
Valentine's Month.💕 

Enjoy our selection!

City Break Tips:

let’s start from IKONO, that  is Immersive experience a few steps a!way from Pantheon. A place for any age, to discover the artist within us! Imagination is the key, have fun! Step out of your comfort zone and dive into a unique experience you will never forget!

If contemporary art is what you look for,at Maxxi Museum BOB DYLAN art show Retrospectrum in a monographic show built trough the years and experiences of the artist. The evolution of the different styles through time is impressive and is worth the visit.

About sports there’s an opportunity to jump at!
For football fans, kids and grown ups, it is eventually possible now to make a tour of the Olympic Stadium and its backstage spaces, that have beenn inaccesible to the public until now! For more informations: 

City Experience Offer:

Secret Gardens of Rome...The Eternal City has lots of treasures to reveal, some of them are precious for their scenic  and historical value. The famous “buchetto”, the door Hole of the Gran Priorato dei Cavalieri di Malta from where you can see the Cupolone.
Visits are only on requests writing to: 

Enjoy our Gallo Roof Terrace for a Romantic Drink and a nice dinner with view, at Fragrance St.Peter, Gallo Roof Terrace offers a unique view of Vatican St.Peters... contact us at Fragrance St.Peter Hotel to reserve your table!

Virginia Woolf e Bloomsbury. Inventing Life. 
Last days for the exhibition that recounts an experience of intellectual friendship through books, words, paintings, photographs and objects of this adventure of art and thoughts...
Address: Palazzo Altemps, Piazza S. Apollinare, 46.

Eat the City!

Pizzeria Bonci: You cannot miss the Bonci Style Pizza. Have you ever heard of Pizzarium? That’s the first pizza by slice shop Bonci opened, after Pizzarium a Bakery has been opened as well!
Bonci’s pizza is a must when in Rome! Find Bonci in Via Trionfale 36 or via della Meloria 43.

Pasta Lovers this is for you... Il Maccarone it’s a fresh pasta shop, where you can get delicious specialties anytime of the day. It’s in via del Pellegrino 116, a beautiful historic street worth your time.

Roscioli Caffè, the perfect italian coffe ritual... The perfect coffee aroma gets you when you open the door.This cafè/bar is the experience you need.
Try the pastries, especially the Maritozzo.
Thank us later! Piazza Benedetto Cairoli, 16 

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