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Holidays in Rome: What to do in Rome in 3 days

If you want to spend a nice weekend in an exciting city that can historically involve you and fascinate your palate with the genuine flavors of your cuisine, full of fun thanks to the numerous events present at all times of the year, you should definitely visit Rome.
The eternal city, with its monuments, its streets, its colors, its people is a perfect and fascinating mix. Rome is a walking city, in the sense that it can be visited comfortably on foot, as there is no street, piece of road, corner that has no historical references that do not deserve to be admired. Three days may seem few, but with a good itinerary, organizing the various stages you can visit the main monuments that have made Rome a world cultural and historical capital. Here is a 3-day itinerary for you in Rome, divided by single day with a description of the main monuments.

Rome: 1st day
If you have chosen to reach the center of Rome by train getting off at Termini station you can already start your itinerary at best. Before your eyes you will have:
- The Piazza del Cinquecento, so called in memory of the homonymous number of soldiers who died in the "battle of Dogali". The station has been chosen as a set for some important film scenes including Ginger and Fred.
Near the station, the mandatory stop is:
- Palazzo Massimo in which the National Roman Museum is located where frescoes, objects and ornaments of the various historical periods of Roman glory are housed, arranged according to a temporal order.
As a first day from Termini it is easy to get to the historic palace of politics:
- the Palazzo del Quirinale, a place known for being the historical seat where the President of the Italian Republic resides. Important architectural work here it is possible to admire in its construction the work of Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Domenico Fontana, who participated in its design. The structure that is anticipated on the outside by a beautiful garden, has an extraordinary interior the various rooms (the "Scrigni, degli Specchi, della Musica" room) are a work of phenomenal architecture.
From Quirinale Palace, you can end your first day by visiting:
- Monti district, home to the main historic buildings in Rome including:
Palazzo del Viminale, political headquarters which, in turn, houses the "Ministry of the Interior".
Rome: 2nd day
If you dedicate the first day to a quiet itinerary by accessing the closest and least chaotic places to visit, on the second day you will not be able to avoid going to the places for which Rome is known all over the world, that's why you will have to set your alarm early and go straight ahead to line up:
- at the Colosseum, a majestic work of the imperial age, known for the legendary tradition of gladiators as well as for the homonymous film; venue of shows, around the structure perform many street artists.You can choose between a guided tour, with or without a time slot. Ask us informations, we can help you get the tickets!
Once you have visited the Colosseum, proceed through the archaeological area, alternating towards:
- the Roman Forums, which represent the historical face of Rome, the Forums are remains of ancient Roman structures, including jealously preserved buildings and monuments in this area. Here you can admire the remains of a famous temple dedicated to an emblematic figure for Rome such as Julius Caesar. The Forum was, in fact, for the ancient Romans the center of activities, here once there were the religious, cultural and political buildings of Rome. In order to visit the entire archaeological area as the last stop of your second day in Rome, a visit to:
- Palatine Hill, who knows a little about the history and geography of Rome, knows that it stands on seven hills, of which the Palatine represents the oldest area, as legend has it that it was the place where Romulus and Remus were born, to whom the birth of Rome is attributed. Home to many historical finds in this area, the homes of the most important families of Rome were located.

Rome: 3rd day
On the last day of your itinerary, what to deserves to be visited is:
- Vatican City, it is a state in itself, in the sense that although geographically it is located on the territory of Lazio, it is configured as an autonomous state, with its own rules, in which the Pope resides, the highest expression of the Catholic religion and head of the Roman Church. Here, if you are lucky and your third day happens on Sunday or on the day when the Pope holds mass, you can attend his homily from the square, through the screens where the image of the Pope is projected overlooking the famous window of his rooms .
Once in the Vatican City there are many places to visit of a historical nature there are:
- the Vatican Museums, it is advisable to come early because, unless you have purchased your ticket online, the queue to enter starts very early, given that the museums open at 9 am. In the museum you will have access to a unique religious and cultural heritage, it is almost "7 kilometers of exhibition", among which the Sistine Chapel stands out;
- St. Peter's Basilica, also here it is advisable to have a "skip the line" ticket to avoid standing for hours to access the Basilica. This is not a simple church but one of the most impressive basilicas that exist, the highest expression of the Catholic religion. In addition to visiting the Basilica you can access the domes of the same to be able to admire the city from above.
After the tour in the Vatican City you can, approaching the Tiber river, visit another masterpiece of Roman art:
- Castel Sant'Angelo, which has undergone an evolution in its two thousand years of existence, born to honor the figure of the emperor Hadrian, from a castle that has now become a museum.
To end your three days, you will not have to miss the opportunity to stroll through the popular squares of beautiful Rome, such as "Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna" to, finally, reach the Trevi Fountain, and here as the ritual wants, to throw a coin in the magical waters of the fountain, perhaps dreaming of returning to magical Rome!
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