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Roma on the table: cacio e pepe not only tonnarelli, but also supplì, pizza and other culinary delicacies

Rome is not only the capital of Italy, but it is also the capital of flavors, a magical place where tradition and avant-garde come together, to give voice to the culinary history of typical flavors and genuine ingredients. Each neighborhood, street, area of the city has its own authentic specialties and different ways of preparing dishes.
If you are traveling to Rome, you can not help but return with a full belly and most likely the drunk wife, in fact both the dishes and the wine are really delicious, the tradition puts on the table real masterpieces, such as supplì, the Roman pizza, cacio e pepe, to name the most famous. But if these delicacies are a trademark of the gastronomic tradition of the capital, there are numerous other dishes that are a must for gourmets and lovers of cooking. In the next paragraphs we will discover together some of the most delicious delicacies of Roman cuisine, including the best known typical dishes and authentic specialties.

Cacio e pepe
The tonnarelli are indicated by the most famous universities of the flavor of traditional Roman osterias, as the best pasta to prepare the cheese and pepper. In fact, its porous consistency goes well with the flavor and richness of the cheese and pepper combination, as it collects the sauce in the best way and manages to satisfy the palate better. But the ways to delight the taste buds are endless, in fact it is possible to cook cheese and pepper even with spaghetti.
With this type of pasta, the dish takes on a similar appearance to carbonara, the flavor is retained on the plate and the taste buds can rejoice with every bite. The secret to obtaining an excellent sauce with a well blended flavor is to crush and mix the peppercorns well. The magic touch, however, is to serve the pasta only al dente: never overdo it with cooking.
The roman supplì: a real surprise of flavors
The supplì is a soft and crunchy Roman recipe that contains a surprise inside, in fact the term derives from the French surprise, just to indicate the greedy filling that this culinary goodness holds. If before the filling was made up exclusively of meat, today it is more varied than ever, and around the Eternal City you can taste all tastes and flavors. The supplì on the phone is one of the most famous, also mentioned in the scenes of many films, such as, for example, Innamorato Pazzo by Adriano Celentano, when he orders the only thing left for dinner in a restaurant with the princess (Ornella Muti): the supplì precisely.

Quinto Quarto with Rigatoni
The Quinto Quarto is among the most famous poor dishes, and can be prepared with different accompaniments or recipes. One of the tastiest ways to savor it is definitely with rigatoni with sauce. The pajata is made up of the small intestine of the calf and the cow's tail is that of the ox, cooked with celery and bitter chocolate for 5 - 6 hours. This combination, dipped in the sauce and combined with rigatoni, will be the backbone of your tastiest lunch at the foot of the Colosseum.

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