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Special Panoramic Spots in Rome

Hey Lovelies!

Today we’d love to share with you a few tips to see Rome in all its glory. Since often our Guests ask for this…here are some Special Spots to look down on the Eternal city!

Castel Sant’Angelo: going up to the Castel, there’s a lodge looking over the Vatican. What a better occasion to also visit a key monument of the Roman History. Used as sepolcre by Adriano and its family it has accompanied many events of the History, becoming a museum nowdays, it really is worth the ticket.

Roman Forum. Monte Tarpeo Terrace: the best view over the Roman Forum, is well hidden, but it’s very easy to reach: once in Piazza del Campidoglio keep your right and leave the tourist crowd, you’ll find a little arch that leads to via del Campidoglio…enjoy your special semi-private view…

Rome from Saint Peter Dome: we warn you… this view is 551 steps away, to climb! Just joking, for the ones who prefer to save energy there’s a lift to get to the highest floor available by elevator, the first terrace, but after it, you’ll need to go up some more stairs to enjoy an heroic view over Rome!

An uncommon suggestion, out of the classic travel routes is Piazzale Socrate. It’s just a public natural little square, in the north side of Rome, inside Balduina District, from where all the city is perfectly in pride of place, along with the “roman castles”, the small towns around Rome.

Terrazza del Gianicolo, Piazza Garibaldi: maybe it’s the most iconic citysight point of Rome. The Gianicolo is one of the hills of Rome, on the right side of the Tiber River. It offers a suggestive panorama, and it’s so very close to our Bloom Hotel.

Neverthless, we are not ashamed to be overly proud of what our Hotels can offer, talking about Special Views!

In particular a gem of Lovely Stay have a special view over St.Peter Dome: Bloom Hotel .

We look forward seeing you in Rome!

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