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Hey Lovelies! Today we’d love to share with you a few tips to see Rome in all its glory. Since often our Guests ask for this…here are some Special Spots to look down on the Eternal city! Castel Sant’Angelo: going up

If you need new excuses to come to Rome, in winter, during Christmas days, this article comes to your rescue! Many events will enliven the Eternal City during the Christmas days and we have collected just a few of them here... Furthermore, let's not forget that shopp


If after visiting Rome, with its churches with remarkable artistic heritage and its archaeological ruins, memory of the glory of the city, you need to relax in a completely different environment, bucolic and magical at the same time, then reach the fantastic Monster Park di Bomarzo


Although the Eternal City is appreciated and very famous in the world for the history and art that go through it and the breathtaking views from the top of its countless terraces, many do not know that, in addition to the historical and artistic cultural aspect, Rome enjoys also


Antonio Canova (1757 - 1822) was born in a small town in northern Italy from a family of stone cutters, and the art of drawing was taught to him by his grandfather, so it is not surprising that the artist started sculpting marble in his youth . In his early adolescence Cano


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