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Rome is now known as the Eternal City which, with time passing by, has grown and developed giving life to the glorious civilization of which we read pages and pages in history books and more. Just stroll through the streets and squares of Rome to experience the greatness of the e


Whether for a day, a long weekend or an entire vacation, you never get tired of Rome. A beauty that exceeds time and space, beyond the history, architecture, and eternal landscapes that characterize it, Rome undoubtedly holds the primacy of a chameleonic city, where every season has its attractiv


The beauty of Rome is mainly linked to its historical monuments, expression of a fascinating history, made up by Roman emperors, popes and artists of immeasurable genius. The other side of Rome is linked to its traditions, gastronomy and the


Shopping in the streets of the historic center of Rome is an experience not to be missed. The charm of the most famous streets, the monuments that sprout here and there that can surprise even the most inattentive of patrons and the rows of showcases crammed full of proposals that refer to the lat


When you are on vacation in Rome you may find yourself facing a mysterious dish that has made the history of Roman cuisine and you can savor it only in the Eternal City. Your instinct could be to ask with tempting curiosity: what is this? The answer could lead you back in t


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