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Are you curious and passionate travelers, eager to discover Rome through its food and wine, experiencing local culture through typical products, regional recipes, flavors and ancient traditions that offers its territory and beyond? When you organized your overnig


The Urban Park of Monte Ciocci is a sort of green mountain at the foot of the Trionfale, between the Balduina area and Via Aurelia, from which you can admire a spectacular panorama that opens 360 degrees over almost the entire city. Especially on


Antonio Canova (1757 - 1822) was born in a small town in northern Italy from a family of stone cutters, and the art of drawing was taught to him by his grandfather, so it is not surprising that the artist started sculpting marble in his youth . In his early adolescence Cano


The surroundings of Rome: a food and wine tour in Frascati A trip to Rome will remain forever in the memory of the traveler: it is difficult indeed to find a place so rich in art, charm and monuments that narrate the intense history of the city, from the imperial age to the Renaissance to the Rep


Rome the eternal city a place where it is usual to breathe deeply the scent of history and where it is still possible to be enveloped by the suggestions of a past that is still present and alive. Rome is able to give its guests unparalleled historical splits; his long journ


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